Thirdway Alliance

The party was initiated in 2014 by Dr.Ekuru Aukot.
The purpose for the formation of the party is due to the constant talks and needs among Kenyans on one-on-one basis and through social media platforms that there is need for change and how to bring about this change.
The party unites all Kenyans from all areas and walks of life who sees the need and intends to bring about change and also have the best interest of the country.

The progress of the country will be brought about by the ability to change the existing foundation of Kenya leadership.
The current foundation is based on personal interests and tribalism which needs to be changed.
The party has the capacity to bring change in the leadership formula since its a pure party that is different from existing ones which are not unifying Kenyans from all walks of life as they are based on personal interests and tribalism.
This party will bring about rightful changes that will shape the country, deal with poor leadership and take the country to greater heights.

The greatest injustice in Kenya is the failure of leadership for 54years.
It is the main reason as to why the party was formed. The leadership has remained corrupt, tribal and arrogant with power.
Our leadership lacks a transformational, responsive and progressive resolve, especially on the daily life struggles of ordinary Kenyans.

The following shall be the guiding principles and values for the Party.

  1. Respect for human rights and freedoms.
  2. Integrity in leadership.
  3. Rule of Law.
  4. Social Justice and fairness.
  5. Devolution of power and resources.
  6. Equity, tolerance, equality and inclusivity.
  7. Unity in diversity.
  8. Accountability and transparency.
  9. Citizen’s effective participation in governance and decision-making.