The leadership crisis.

The wise before us said “To know where you are going, you must know where you came from”. On 12th December 1963, Kenya breathed a new life of hope, and excitement about better living in a great republic. The Independence promise was to eradicate disease, ignorance and poverty. To date, ordinary Kenyans cannot afford even a subsidized packet of unga. Common and simple diseases like diarrhoea and malaria kill Kenyans; education and basic skills, is increasingly becoming a preserve of the privileges. The independence promise was therefore betrayed. 

Our kind of leadership has negatively affected our value system. The ordinary majority of Kenyans experience marginalization, relegation and exclusion. It is the exclusion of most poor households from the benefits of economic growth; most gifted professionals from dynastic political governance and the exclusion of the ordinary majority of women, ethnic communities, and disenfranchised youth from economic and political opportunities. It is this pattern of exclusion of the ordinary majority that is eroding our country’s inner strength, leaving us vulnerable to disunity, tribal animosity, and insecurity from without, fear from within and disillusionment that impedes prosperity.

The above speaks to our political and leadership crisis. Thirdway Alliance Kenya propagates the message of hope, of alternative, of responsive, of transformative, and of progressive leadership going forward. Leadership has been our greatest failing for 54 years. Instead, economic and social injustices, tribalism and negative ethnicity, theft of public funds (sanitized as corruption), the relegation of youth and women from leadership, and failure to implement and protect the constitution, (devolution in particular) and the rule of law, and missed opportunity at the global agenda, defined our identity as a country and as Kenyans.

Thirdway Alliance Kenya believes that we have the manpower to transform Kenya into a society that has our best interests at heart. We present to Kenyans a suitable, competent leadership with a focus to transforming Kenya for all. The time to rebuild Kenya is now by uniting Kenyans to do that which is right, that is:

  1. Work towards, and with specific belief that all Kenyans are entitled to, and could live, a good life
  2. Unite Kenyans and build Kenya into a Nation-state rather than the assembly of feuding ethnic identities that it currently is.
  3. Establish perpetual and the only, responsive and transformative leadership, lasting government institutions and rule of law that ensures predictable, equitable and inclusive Kenya. 
  4. Create opportunities to the marginalized, the peripheral majority (not hand-outs) and partnership to the established (not deconstruction and redistribution)

In pursuit of the foregoing objectives, the following six pillars guide and inform our transformational agenda for Kenya: