Ending economic and social injustices in Kenya

Ending economic and social injustices is the foundation of our promise to Kenyans. We commit to creating an inclusive, just and equitable society. The endemic poverty in our country is the result of poor and unresponsive leadership of many decades. It is shameful that after 54 years of independence, our country has a handful billionaires and millions of Kenyans who cannot afford basic needs. To end economic and social injustices, we will embark on radical, economic and social reforms that will ensure all Kenyans live a decent life. We believe that human development ranks far much higher than physical infrastructure development. 

Thirdway Alliance Kenya will purposely create wealth for all by industrializing every economic opportunity in all regions of Kenya. Kenya will no longer export raw materials; we shall ensure that Kenyans are engaged in value addition as a way of wealth creation. We will prioritize life’s basic needs like water, education, food security, health, and employment. To ensure there is food security, there is no way any river’s waters would drain into the Indian Ocean or lake when Kenyans are starving; we shall either force land owners to grow foods on idle land or pay taxes on the same land.  

In the interest of justice and fairness, and from a personal commitment to ending economic and social injustice, and further to demonstrate leadership by example, our Presidency pledges the following four interventions in all ministries, departments and agencies: 

  1. An extraordinary sitting of Parliament to declare the following as an alarming threat to the nationhood of our country: 
    • Water and food insecurity, 
    • Institutionalized negative ethnicity and tribalism 
    • Theft of public funds 
    • Increased majority youth population and deteriorating education and technical skills 
    • A significantly disproportionate consuming country, and that, budget allocation for the medium term period of 2018 -2022 of the Kenya Vision 2030 cycle, must prioritize funding of respective sectors to ensure shared prosperity for all Kenyans.
  2. Reinstitute the National Economic and Social Council and Vision 2030 under the Presidency to spearhead the Thirdway enterprise economics philosophy.
  3. As President and Deputy President not to earn more than KES 500,000/- 
  4. That all public servants including our Presidency shall use public services including schools and hospitals.
  5.  Our government will ensure that it finds a fair way of taxing people so that the burdens and the benefits that accrue for all are better distributed. We shall not put in the same tax bracket a Kenyan earning KES 30,000/- together with yet another Kenyan earning, KES 1,000,000/-