Ending tribalism and Negative ethnicity

For over 54 years, the common narrative narrative in Kenyan politics remains the dominance by a few populous tribes at the expense of others; this dominance is taken into government and in the provisions of services; the result creates political tensions hence the tribal and ethnic clashes that have always preceded elections with the most memorable one being the post election violence of 2007/8.   We commit to celebrating Kenya’s ethnic diversity and recognize that acceptance of us all as Kenyans is the only surest way to building a nation state and a country we could all happily associate with.

Our obsession is to create unity in our diversity. We have believed the lie that our tribes divide us. This is a fallacy and absolute nonsense. Kenyans need to emancipate themselves from their tribal oppressors. We must have a political leadership to lead this crusade. We have fallen in love for long with our ethnic oppressors. We must liberate ourselves from them. When a Mr. Otieno does not get his pay for the day from his mjengo job, he will go to a Mr. Kamau, the shopkeeper to ask for a loan so that he can feed his family that day. In short, we are each other’s keeper – all working to preserve our humanity. Politicians have created this narrative of tribal differences so that they keep us busy and diverted from paying attention to the real issues - highlighted above. Our Presidency under the Thirdway Alliance Kenya administration will endevour to ensure that fairness in our country will prevail so that we unite in our diversity rather than be divided.

The other reason we must end tribalism and negative ethnicity is because it has been the basis for our political mobilization for the last 54 years. Because of tribalism, there is relegation of other communities in public affairs and other opportunities in the country. Yet, none of us wrote a letter to whomever our creator may be to be born a Makonde, Boni, Malakote, Sengwer, Ogiek, El Molo, Il-chamus, Kikuyu, Luo, Maasai, Kamba or Turkana. Ukabila ni ujinga. That is why we reject it in totality.