Protecting the Constitution, devolution & rule of law

Our commitment is to protect and implement our Constitution. Kenyans own our constitution because it is our governing document. It must be protected and implemented. The spirit of the Constitution is that Kenya decentralizes. Previous and the current regime keep insisting that we remain centralized so that they concentrate power and wealth to themselves and not give the rightful share to producing counties. The rule of law is ignored. Both the letter and the spirit of the Constitution must be upheld and that is the pledge we make.

There is no country in the world that would prosper without fidelity to the law and abiding to certain levels of discipline in their system. Protecting the Constitution means giving the promises therein a life so that Kenyans are happy. The voiceless in Kenya have for a long time been at the whims of the political and rhetorical class. Thirdway Alliance Kenya commits to protecting the human rights of all Kenya’s; will ensure that power is exercised to serve Kenyans and to rule them fairly and justly. More specifically, Thirdway Alliance Kenya commits to protecting and enhancing devolution.

To be more precise, we undertake to do the following:

  1. Abolish the parallel system of administration known as regional and county commissioners to give full effect to devolution. 
  2. Increase allocation for counties to 50%.
  3. Enforce the Equalization Fund as per article 204 to bring equality to all counties.
  4. Repeal and amend all laws already passed that undermine the Constitution.


We shall collaborate with county governments to improve security for all Kenyans. We shall provide housing for our police officers and re-train our police to be more public friendly. In addition, we shall firmly, deal with extra judicial killings; our law enforcement officers must uphold the rule of law. 

Indepedent Constitutional Commissions (TJRC, Kriegler, Waki, Ndungu, Akiwumi, Kiliku Commissions)

We shall implement the recommendations of all Previous Independent Constitutional Commissions without fear or favour. We shall end impunity in Kenya for once and for all.