Taking our rightful place in the Competitive Global Agenda

Kenya’s global competitiveness is fragile. Our participation in the table of global agenda is largely because of our country’s ingenuity and enterprising spirit, leadership in sports, God given strategic location, rich natural resources and tourism. The Government’s leadership role and specifically the Presidency in negotiating global treaties, international cooperation and respect has severely been eroded by its poor record on human rights protection, corruption and bad leadership. We are not easily welcome on the global table to discuss trending global agenda. A new leadership will restore that respectability. Secondly, preserving the environment, its sustainability including global warming, international trade, Oil and gas exploration, as well as the impact of technology in our societies are factors that any government and state should spearhead. Global warming is today becoming a real danger to humanity. Kenya must be on top of this. Our current and close cooperation with communist china is especialy very troubling. It is a claw back to the democratic gains we have made so far.  

War in Somalia 

We shall withdraw our troops from Somalia and guard our country from inside our borders. Kenyan's economy cannot afford wars; we must focus on our internal problems like tribal politics, corruption, bad leadership that threaten to tear our country apart. The 2007/8 government’s decision to take troops to Somalia was ill advised and Kenya has paid with many and unnecessary deaths. We shall let the Somali people solve their internal problems; and assist them without necessarily compromising our own security. We cannot fight another country’s war.