Youth and Women Taking over Government

Our proposal under this pillar is to include the excluded. This is about the inclusion of other minorities beyond women and youth like Persons living with disabilities (PWDs), minority communities like the Bajuni, Makonde and many others who are often forgotten. Our agenda is to include the excluded. Our government will ensure a 50/50-gender and youth representation in all appointive posts according to the population distribution of our country. We will also ensure the representation of those groups that will otherwise NEVER get a chance to participate in our country’s leadership like the youth, PWDS and minority communities.

We must deliberately take youth and women into government. Decisions that affect youth are made while the youth are not at the table. Youth must stop being political flower girls. Despite their rightful numbers, the youth claim to have; youth have surrendered a political minority, not just their country, but also their future. Our observation on matters leadership is that youth have remained just but curious on-lookers, by-standers and cowards. We urge youth today, to stand up and defend their interests

Youth and women comprise over 60% of all Kenyan voters, yet they are have been used as kingmakers during campaigns and thereafter excluded from decision-making organs of government. Thirdway promises youth and women to be part and parcel of the government decision-making organs. We shall implement the following measures to ensure inclusivity:

  1. We shall form a cabinet where, at least, 1/3 is youth and women with a view to making it a 50-50 Cabinet.
  2. Women will be, at least, 1/3 of all Thirdway government cabinet sectretaries
  3. All senior government appointments will be structured to ensure that 50% of all appointments are women and youth
  4. Youth and women will always pay half the amount of nominations fees to other categories of political aspirant. 
  5. Establish a micro finance bank for youth and women entrepreneurs in all 47 counties in collaboration with County governments.  The bank will lend to women and youth businesses as well as start-ups that will engage in manufacturing, merchandising and arts.                        
  6. Streamline Law on HELB loans and ensure that non-employed graduates are not bankrupted by hefty penalties. 
  7. We shall give penalty remissions to all unemployed graduates