Shadow Ministry of Sports and Heritage


To develop, promote, preserve and disseminate Kenya’s cultural and arts heritage; promotion of sports; development of the Kenyan film industry through formation and implementation of policies, programs and projects for improved livelihood of the Kenyan people.


-Development and coordination of sports                

-Development of fine, creative and performance art     

-Development of the Film Industry            

-Expansion of Sports Industry                

-Historical Sites Management

-Management of Sports Policies          

-National Culture Promotion and Policy

-Promotion and Diversification of Sports

-Promotion of Library Services

-Research & Conservation of Music

-Sports Academy & Special Talent    


Semi-Autonomous Agencies (SAGA's):

The SAGA's within the ministry’s core function is to enhance provision and delivery of services to our men and women in various spheres within the Sports, Arts, and Heritage segments in our society.

Kenya Film Classification Board

Kenya National Library services                

National Sports Fund

National Museums of Kenya               

Kenya Culture Centre

Sports Stadia Management Board     

Natural Products Industry Agency


National sports Academy

Kenya Film Commission

Sports Kenya                

Permanent Presidential Music Commission

National Heroes Council                                

Anti-doping Agency of Kenya

Thirdway Alliance Kenya VS Jubilee Objectives:

Jubilee Government

Thirdway Alliance Kenya 

  1. Strengthen talent development to identify nurture budding athletes 
  2. Increase funding to support sporting activities.
  3. Establish community sporting facilities
  4. Finalise construction of three major new Stadia in Nairobi, Eldoret and Mombasa
  5. Offer Incentives for local film productions
  1. Establish sporting academies in collaboration with county government
  2. Set aside 2%of annual budget for investment in establishment of sporting activities
  3. Promote Sport Tourism 
  4. Offer tax incentives for companies that sponsor local sports
  5. Champion bids to host more sporting tournaments 

Areas of Concern:

  1. Check on transparency in development of sports facilities in all the 47 counties
  2. Enhance development of technical capacity of implementing agencies
  3. Cartels within the ministry
  4. Ghost workers
  5. Corruption
  6. Check on Jubilee Government. areas that have not been addressed by highlighting & working on the same 


  1. Sport tourism is not sufficiently promoted or encouraged by the ministry.
  2. Emphasise on the construction and maintenance of modern sports stadia and facilities as earlier promised by the Jubilee administration which failed in its implementation.
  3. Enhance inter-ministerial collaboration to enhance provision of service delivery under the appendage of one unitary government framework scheme.
  4. Encourage and promote private sector participation in development of sports, arts, and heritage facilities, which is lacking under the public-private sector partnership programme.
  5. Focus more on reforms within various sports management bodies with a view of encouraging more young people to come on board and offer talents as well as their inputs in management of sports, arts and heritage bodies for purposes of encouraging young people on to bring on board their energies and talents.
  6. Ensure proper procurement modalities are followed in the issuance of tenders and contracts within the ministry, check on illegal tenders by recommending legal action against those found culpable.
  7. Promote Kenya Film Industry by encouraging cooperation with well-established film industries such as Hollywood.
  8. Collaborate with Tourism Ministry to promote Kenyan Culture and Heritage.
  9. Put serious contingency measures to ensure that corruption and corrupt officers within the ministry and any of its affiliates are dismissed and pay hefty fines. 
  10. Promote regional, continental and international engagements with various stakeholders, with a view of providing platforms for our youth to enhance their skills, as well be exposed to international practices in sports & culture globally.
  11. Create job opportunities within the sports sector either directly or indirectly through business enterprises owned and operated by young Kenyans, which provide services to our men and women during any sports and cultural activities.
  12. Enhance the recognition of our sports heroes and heroines in both within the public and private sector through private-public partnerships.


Kenya has not fully exploited its Sports, Arts, and Culture capacity for a variety of reasons. The main reason being corruption and tribalism within the Ministry. The TAK government will eliminate all forms of corruption within the ministry and establish a transparent system of accountability. The Ministry shall have a clear and appropriate governance structure and uphold high standards of integrity and engage in regular and effective evaluation to drive continuous improvement.

We are a world leader in athletics, yet we have never harnessed this opportunity in encouraging sports tourism. The Sport Ministry will work in collaboration with other ministries encourage Sport Tourism which will be a major income for the economy.

Lack of adequate budget allocation from the national government has led to many sporting projects to stall such as construction of stadia which decreases our chance to host international events.

Kenya needs outstanding management of sports in order to reach greater, yet to be achieved heights by our already dedicated and talented sportsmen and women. This will not only boost the cultural sense of belonging and identity among Kenyan citizens but also the spirit of unity that this country has strived so hard to achieve since independence. It is undeniable that the proper management of sports could unfold opportunities in the economy including employment, business ventures and general stability. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the management of sports it given the proper workforce, leadership and professionalism that it deserves.

Hon. Mohsin Khan,

SCS (Ministry of Sports & Heritage)