This Ministry is mandated to Shadow the Foreign Affairs ministry of the current government. This Ministry remains an active member of regional and multilateral organizations and supports regional and continental integration with emphasis on intra-Kenya affairs. 

Jubilee Vision

Foreign Affairs role is to protect and promote Kenya’s interests and image globally.


  1. Extend diaspora voting to all Kenyans around the globe.
  2. Maintain strong strategic partnerships with key allies across the world to support fight against terrorism. Increase trade and investment & promote transfer of knowledge, skills and technology.
  3. Continued support of peace keeping efforts for Kenya’s stability
  4. Leverage expanded global footprints to grow markets for our products, promote tourism and create jobs for youth.
  5. Establish new markets for Africa, Asia, Middle East and expand established markets in EU, US & UK.

Third Way Alliance Position

The Government's leadership role and specifically the presidency in negotiating global treaties, international cooperation and respect has severely been eroded by thievery poor record on human rights protection, corruption, and just bad leadership. We are not easily welcome on the global table to discuss trending global agenda

Third way Alliance Vision

A new leadership will restore that: -

  1. Oversee implementation of the F.A.  annual workplans, communication, advocacy and budget plans under the strategic plan and objectives of the Ministry.
  2. Monitor, Direct and Overseeing the implementation of the Ministry’s programs at International, Regional and National Levels in each of the core directorates of Protocol; Africa & Africa Union; Office of Great Lakes Region; Americas; Asia; Australasia & Pacific Islands; Middle East, Europe and Common Wealth, Multilateral Affairs, Diaspora and Consulate Affairs
  3. Build strong relationships and co-ordinate with key stakeholders in its policy organization
  4. Achieve the missions and visions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade that is:
    • Coordinate protocol matters for efficient diplomatic engagement.
    • Strengthen Kenya’s bilateral relations with African countries and engage with African regional organizations.
    • Establish a National Coordination Mechanism to facilitate the implementation of the OGLR pact.
    • plan and analyse government policies in the Ministry; provide advice on planning and economic policy issues to the Principal Secretary; undertake economic analysis, evaluation and monitoring of development projects and programmes; conduct pre-feasibility and feasibility studies; set project priorities; collect and analyse data; review development policy strategies and programmes; coordinate sectoral development plans; assist in the formulation of economic and statistical development activities; 
    • maintain the valuable traditional relations with countries of the Americas
    • advance Kenya’s national interests within Asia and Australasia region


The Shadow Cabinet Thirdway F.A. should

  1. Report directly to the Chairman/Coordinator of the steering committee under the Party leadership of Dr Ekuru Aukot as with any F.A. roles
  2. Responsibly develop its proposals for funding, membership recruitment and develop a sustainability plan for the Ministry
  3. Develop its own deep knowledge of the Ministry, core programs, operations, F.A. plans and spearhead the implementation of the Ministry’s strategic plan
  4. Develop stronger networks with other partners and stakeholders at both International, Regional & National level to ensure synergy in its policy advocacy strategies and ensure continuous communication and information dissemination to all key stakeholders
  5. Develop stronger monitoring mechanisms for the government, conduct periodic data collection from ALL citizens and prepare platform updates and reports with oversight and guidance from its leadership.
  6. Promote greater participation of Kenyans abroad in the economic, social, and political lives of their motherland, and engender an enabling environment for enhancement of their investment in Kenya.

Hon Irene Kemunto, Shadow Cabinet Secretary Foreign Affairs

Frank Mwaniki, PhD, Senior Advisor, Shadow Foreign Affairs