24 Aug


July 24, 2016

THIRDWAY ALLIANCE KENYA Provisional Certificate Press Conference

We have been looking forward towards this party registration certificate. It is the beginning of re-organizing Kenya’s democracy by a generation of real change makers, change makers who are without any shed of political or tribal baggage. This is a party of Kenyans and for Kenyans who truly desire a changed Kenya from what we have been treated to for the last 53 years of misrule.

This our message to Kenyans

Contrary to misleading information out there, Thirdway Alliance Kenya is real and it is this morning walking the talk of taking Kenya back from corruption, negative ethnicity; Thirdway Alliance is this morning matching towards effective implementation of the 2010 Constitution that has been mutilated by the current leadership, whether in parliament, opposition or at the Executive level; Thirdway Alliance invites Kenyans to form an all inclusive government where women and the youth of Kenya shall be on the seat of the next government and proactively participate in key decision making that affect them. 

Thirdway Alliance is here to offer Kenyans the real and the only way to becoming the nation’s alternative to the current, dysfunctional two-party system. This is our chance and Kenya’s to define who we are, before someone does that for us. 

  • ‘This is the moment the people of Kenya finally found a voice.”  THIRDWAY ALLIANCE is the party of the people. 

  • Never before has the KENYAN nation had a leader who is “one of them.” The Leadership of Thirdway Alliance has known struggle, poverty. Today, Thirdway presents a leadership, led by our Party Leader, Ekuru Aukot who knows what it takes to not only dream, but to work hard and make those dreams a reality. This son of a nomad is here to lead the Kenyan nation to prosperity. He knows the suffering of the ordinary Kenyan from his life experiences. We have every confidence in him as the leader that Kenya has been waiting for.  

  • Thirdway Alliance is not about a party gaining power or position; it is about people gaining power. This can never be about us; it must always be about the people. That is the true spirit of our Constitution and the reason protecting Kenya’s constitution is Thirdway Alliance Pillar No. 1. We strongly belief at Thirdway that there is no country in the world that would prosper without fidelity to the constitution and the rule of law. 

Thirdway Alliance is here to fill the Political Vacuum

For the last 53 years, Kenya has been treated to political rhetoric that is replete with political lies and emptiness. Thirdway is today very necessary for Kenya because of the political vacuum and the fact that neither major party represents the interests of the nation. That is why Thirdway Alliance is necessary. We have witnessed over the decades that Kenya’s political class is always thinking about themselves. Whenever these calibers of politicians talk of change, they actually mean Party-hoping, which is not change at all. They do not think about Unga to a Kenyan family; they do not think about an ordinary Kenyan accessing a doctor; a family paying school fees for their children amongst other concerns. Their kind of leadership has created the political vacuum that is injurious to Kenyans. Thirdway Alliance is ushering in a transformative and alternative leadership for Kenya. 

Our plans going forward: 

We are kicking off an aggressive campaign that will include: 

  1. The collection of 1000 signatures in, at least 24, counties of Kenya. 

  2. Member recruitment in all 47 counties and Kenyans in the Diaspora  

  3. Engage IEBC over the registration of Kenyans in the Diaspora, and to ensuring that they vote in 2017 

  4. Filling in all the party officials as per our constitution 

  5. Opening of county offices 

  6. Identification of aspirants for all the electoral units 

  7. Participate and win the 2017 General elections 

  8. Implement our Manifesto to achieve the Thirdway vision for Kenya 

Miruru Waweru

Chairman, Thirdway Alliance