07 Dec



Nairobi, Kenya - Second day of medic’s strike, death toll reported at 20 so far and the country continues to experience total silence and neglect from the President and his second in command. 

It is appalling that Kenyans have lost almost a trillion shillings in numerous corruption and theft scandals since 2013 through actions orchestrated by political officials controlling the Government and politics of the day. But it becomes a new low, when their action or lack of, eats into your dignity. It is disconcerting for a modern democratic Government not to be able to fulfill the basic needs of its people. However, it is not only shameful, but sinful, for a Government to watch innocent Kenyans die daily in hospitals due to lack of service prompted by grandstanding over a solvable collective bargaining agreement that should have been fulfilled a long time ago. The CBA in contention dates back to 2013 and stipulates a 300% salary increment for the doctors and spells lack of government commitment to address the issues that affect the medical fraternity as well as the public. This falls against a backdrop unbelievable looting and theft of public funds both central and county governments, which must be addressed as the root cause of poor service delivery to Kenyan citizen. 

The Government has no money problems when sponsoring unnecessary luxury travel and increasing perks for MCA, MPs, Senators and Governors, which cost us billions. Problems start when Kenyans demand services from the taxes they diligently pay to this same Government. The opposition leaders have also found it inconvenient to address the issue, maybe, because of the premium health insurance packages that allow them to go out of the country for specialized wound dressing bandages. 

Thirdway Alliance condemns in the strongest terms possible the lackluster manner in which the medic’s issue has been handled. The President and his deputy must therefore take responsibility, solve the problem and bring the standoff to a speedy and lasting end. Not a single life deserves to be lost. When lives are lost as a result of irresponsibility, it amounts to killing. 

Thirdway Alliance is devoted to responsive and transformative leadership and asks Kenyans to register their protest next time they interview our leaders for office during the 2017 Election. 


Dr Ekuru Aukot

TAKE Party Leader