08 Sep

General State of the Nation

General State of the Nation

  1. This country has a very well thought out plan to be globally competitive by the year 2030. 
  2. Our annual budgetary process and priorities are guided by 5-year Medium Term Plans.
  3. We have a globally acclaimed and one of the most progressive Constitution in the World 
  4. A robust institutional and policy framework with some of the best minds in civil service – Respected and called upon to help build other nations in the world.
  5. A Salute to the Kenyan People, their resilience and ingenuity – 
    • Sports / We are champions
    • Private Sector – Entrepreneurship and globally marking innovations
  6. To God for the beautiful country, with natural resources – envied the world over. 

This is the good part. The strength of our beloved nation because of the majority of the Kenyan people. 


  1. Both the Constitutional implementation process and great plans of Vision 2030 are glaringly off target. 
  2. President Uhuru Kenyatta & his Deputy Ruto AND Raila with his power hungry opposition /tribal chiefs - have eroded the honour of Government and the future of this nation.
    • Corruption, Impunity and tribalism are systematically being propagated by both Jubilee & NASA.
  3. The legislative arm of both Jubilee & NASA is a house of shame for Kenyans – Bad behaviours by political leaders 
  4. A judiciary overwhelmed by Executive and legislative arms’ corruption, impunity and tribalism 
  5. Immaturity and incompetence in Presidency “Nifanye nini jameni” ; public disrespect
  6. A strained Economy
    • High fuel and power increasing the cost of manufacturing by 0.04%
    • High unemployment 
    • High food costs 
    • Analysts – boost foreign reserve to manage inflation (BUT How with this Government?) 
  7. A large unemployed youth generation learning all the bad habits from political leaders – A hopeless future.
  8. Significant challenges in all sectors
    • Health – Dr’s Strike, Stolen public funds
    • Education – A young generation learning all the bad habits from political leaders – A hopeless future.
    • Infrastructure & Energy – Inflated project costs with Chinese as conduits of theft.
    • Land – Power struggles between Ministry & NLC revolving on land thefts
    • Devolution – Lukewarm support of County Governments and systematic frustrations with IFMIS system and funding.
    • Agriculture & Livestock – High Food Insecurity, lost animals due to drought

Security – Insecurity in Baringo/Elgeyo Marakwet & Rest of the Country

What are the causes of Insecurity? LEADERSHIP

Where has Government Failed? LEADERSHIP

  1. Ekuru Presidency Solution – RADICAL LEADERSHIP – Transformative.
    • A commander in Chief – Stronger and respected Armed forces at home first with secured nation. 
    • Troops back home
    • Implement the Police Reforms (FUNDING PRIORITIES)
    • OPERATIONALIZE the County Policing Authority and Community Policing

IEBC & Election Preparedness – TRUST?

Humble appeal to my fellow Kenyans – 

  1. Our NATIONHOOD which we sort through the CoK 2010 is at STAKE
  2. The Direction of this country depends on you.  This nation is in your hands in the person you vote for President in 2017. 
  3. Stolen money, over the last years is WHAT is now in circulation to pay the poor unemployed youth through circuses and emotive appeals of tribalism and lies by both Jubilee and NASA
  4. JOIN – Ekuru Aukot – Join Thirdway Alliance to take back our Constitution and Country