27 Mar



Justice Kriegler warned Kenyans in 2008 that if we don’t manage our elections properly, what transpired in 2007/8 would look like a “Christmas party”. Then Judge Ekaterina Trendafilova at ICC again reminded Kenyans in 2012 that without proper management of Kenyan’s power, as enshrined in the 2010 Constitution which declares that all power belongs to the sovereign people of Kenya as exercised through a fair and transparent election, Kenya is likely to burn again.

As per law established, management of the 2017 Kenya Election will be through an integrated election management system dubbed as KIEMS. The tendering of this system was bungled from the beginning when evidence emerged that Safran Identity had developed the tender specifications in the document.

IEBC has now canceled the process twice, ill-determined to award to Safran Identity by hook or crook. Kenyans are watching. IEBC must redeem its integrity to reach the standards of Caesar’s wife; beyond reproach. Going in bed with already tainted Safran Identity will certainly, by extension, taint the credibility of IEBC and of the election.

It is terribly unfair for a publicly funded independent commission such as IEBC to invite global international bidders for a tender and yet play partisan politics for the sake of what smells likes the “chicken-gate scandal” and/or what could possibly be the hunt for the usual kickbacks by preferring one bidder over all the others.

Thirdway Alliance Kenya calls on IEBC to be more vigilant in handling the anticipated General Election as Kenyans go to polls to exercise their first sovereign power through a fair and transparent election. Finalizing the procurement of election related tenders in a fair and legal process is the only acceptable standard that Thirdway will accept as we move closer to August 8 General Election.

Ekuru Aukot

Party Leader

Thirdway Alliance Kenya