08 Sep


Our attention has a party has been drawn to a worrying state of affairs that include inter alia, divisive politics driven by known politicians, theft of public money as well as insecurity in parts of our country. What is evident despite all these concerns is the silence of our leadership. 

Thirdway Alliance Kenya recognizes that Kenyans are tired of the unending divisive politics of chest thumping and cultism, theft of public money and the constant insecurity in several parts of the country. Barely a year after a hotly contested election, Kenyans are already disappointed with the majority of leaders, especially in the 12th parliament who have abandoned their constitutional mandate of representation, oversight and legislation making; instead, our leaders are now acting as political mercenaries of their political masters at the expense of service delivery to the millions of Kenyans who elected them into office with the hope of getting better services. 



We are concerned that some politicians both from the so-called popular coalitions are rallying unsuspecting ordinary citizens to a warpath by using derogatory remarks against each other as a show of might and support to their political masters. Why are we back to political bickering when we should be focusing on service delivery and representation of our electorate? Why are we all of a sudden witnessing a war of words?

It is unfortunate that this is happening at a time when Kenyans accepted the unity call by both President Kenyatta and Hon. Odinga with the hope of reconciling the nation. TAKE appeals to all Kenyans to openly shun such leaders, remind them of their constitutional roles and INSIST on fulfilling the promises they made during the 2017 campaigns. We also urge all leaders to engage in constructive political conversations (Refer to our 14 Point agenda for National Conversation) that will result into better living standards for all.  Kenyans may recall that 10 years ago, political leaders ignited electoral violence whose victims were 100% ordinary Kenyans. The negotiations that followed secured political positions for those who were “aggrieved” but not the ORDINARY Kenyans who vote and toil daily to earn a living. We are witnessing yet another attempt by the elected leaders to divide this country through careless utterances barely 9 months after an election that saw over 300 innocent Kenyans killed in election related protests, never mind the families of the victims are yet to be compensated and genuine public apologies offered to them.


Like most Kenyans, our party and its leadership is concerned that  with 4 years to the next general elections, the political class is already setting the country to another needless campaign mode with endless and empty political talks at the expense of service delivery to the people .We are also aware that  legislatures from supposedly popular political coalitions are misusing their  legislative time and public resources to do early and pre- mature campaigns for their purported candidates for 2022. This is in bad taste, unacceptable and amounts to insults to the common and ordinary Kenyans who expect nothing but the best of services from the leadership who are supposed to be  working together to deliver some shared objectives. Constant politics with no work is a sure way of killing the economy of our promising and beloved country. Thirdway Alliance Kenya would like to remind the leadership of our country that it is time to work for the people and not to play empty politics. If our leadership was worth that names, they would have done the following, amongst other urgent needs: 

  1. Called off its current recess and focus on current national concerns that include; 
  2. The Solai dam tragedy that has claimed 48 lives of Kenyans; 
  3. The brewing genocide in Kapedo that has so far claimed lives of many including school-going children; 
  4. The denial of counties KES 150 billion following the passage of the Division of Revenue law (no. 8) of 2018 
  5. The New tax regime sponsored by government, which will load the cost of common goods like unga and cooking gas on their constituents; 
  6. The MPs 700% increase on their pension at the expense of Kenyans; 
  7. The unprecedented Unemployment rate that is currently at 70%, and 
  8. A true path to reconciliation and what must be done to have a cohesive Kenya  


We are aware of numerous calls from various quotas to amend our Constitution of Kenya 2010.We remind Kenyans that while these discussions are ongoing, let them be aware and ignore any proposed amendment that will add the burden to the tax payer, especially at this time when we are struggling with the huge wage bill and over representation .We urge Kenyans to support by endorsing our proposal of #PunguzaMizigo  popular initiative that when fully effected will ultimately, reduce the huge wage bill of running parliament that is currently at KES 32 billion per year, address the over representation, Strengthen devolution by giving counties at least 35% of national revenue, address the inequality against women in political representation and  professionalize our  parliament. So far this is the only referendum proposal that is seeking to address the real issues that are affecting the people of Kenya. All other referenda are meant to please individual; and not Kenyans in general. 


We observe that Kenya has become a looters paradise and we once again demand that the president to declare theft of public money a.k.a corruption, a national disaster. Corruption is killing our country. As we stated on 14th May 2018 that  in the event that the government does not take appropriate actions against the thieves at NYS, we shall without delay at the end of our 14 day ultimatum, invoke relevant provisions of the law including the Constitution and jointly sue all  the NYS signatories, the NYS director general, the CS, the PS public Service Youth and Gender Affairs, and all the public payees who benefitted from the KES 9 Billion NYS loot with the aim of obtaining punitive jail terms and also recover the stolen funds. It is time the government   implemented the national ethics and corruption survey reports and effectively used the numerous Auditor General reports to shame and prosecute the looters of public money. It is time someone took responsibility for the theft at NYS whose “theft premium” has been raised from 2Billion in NYS season 1 to 9 Billion in NYS season 2. This is unacceptable and very immoral. 


We observe that several days after the growing genocide in Kapedo, not a single senior government official has visited the area with the aim of restoring peace and order. The known hate mongers and inciters of whom some are members of parliament and county assembly are still walking free maybe planning for another attack. The tough talking interior and national coordination CS Matiang’i and the law enforcement agencies must now act swiftly and apprehend the known suspects which names we provided in an earlier statement. 

In conclusion, we state categorically that there is no Kenyan who is more Kenyan than the other and we demand for a just Kenya where there are no looters, killers and divisive politicians. President Kenyatta must take charge of the country and bring it to order before the conniving selfish politicians destroy it. Bringing our country together would be the greatest legacy President Kenyatta should focus on including but not limited to punishing thieves of public money, arresting and jailing killers of innocent people in Kapedo, getting to the bottom how the Solai dam collapsed so as to kill 48 Kenyans, stopping all talk of 2022 elections now, insisting that parliament focuses on its primary roles of representation, legislation making and oversight of Government, and finally to support any referendum that would be bring real benefits to Kenyans such as the #PunguzaMizigo one. 

For: Thirdway Alliance Kenya 

Miruru Waweru

National Chairman, 

Fredrick Okango 

Secretary General