09 Sep

Thirdway Alliance Kenya Raises Concerns over IEBC preparedness for 2017 Election

Thirdway Alliance Kenya is deeply concerned about IEBC preparedness for the 2017 General Election, as well as respect for an electoral management body going forward

especially with the history of disbandment of electoral management bodies once a party loses an election, or when an election is mismanaged.

The 2017 election will be overseen by a new electoral team since the current team of Commissioners is in the process of vacating office; a process which complicates the already tight deadlines set by IEBC. The major challenge which IEBC itself acknowledges, lie around the acquisition and implementation of technology required for the forthcoming election since the equipment acquired in 2013 has already been deemed obsolete by IEBC.

The Election Laws (Amendment) Act 2016 also requires an integrated electronic electoral management system. This means biometric voter registration (BVR) kits, electronic voter identification (EVID) kits and the result transmission system (RTS) must be integrated. None has been acquired 10 months to the polls; yet the law requires all technology to be procured, at least, eight months to the polls.

Thirdway Alliance Kenya is raising alarm that Kenya is not prepared for the 2017 General Election. We put this blame squarely on conniving and selfish sections of the political class.

We are calling on all political parties, as well as independent candidates, to urgently meet and agree on a solution to this quagmire. An ill-prepared election and hurried procurement of technology that has not been tested will sink the country in deeper abyss than we experienced in the 2007 General Election.

To paraphrase the warning by Justice Johann Kriegler in 2008, “If Kenya does not manage its electoral matters properly, what happened in 2007/8 would look like a Christmas Party”.

Thirdway therefore fears going in to 2017 general election without fixing the recommendations of the Kriegler Report, we may not have a country thereafter.

Dr. Ekuru Aukot

Party Leader

Third Way Alliance Kenya