Why PunguzaMizigo

Punguza Mizigo Campaign proposes to amend the Constitution of Kenya 2010 under the popular initiative as envisioned in Article 257 for the following reasons:

  1. Reduce cost of running Parliament from current KES 36.8 billion to KES 5 billion per year. This saves tax payers KES 31.8 billion. 
  2. Address over representation and reduce number of Members of Parliament from the current 416 to 147. 
  3. Use the 47 counties as single constituency unit for purposes of Parliamentary elections to Senate and National Assembly. 
  4. End historical gender inequality and ensure that Kenyans elect one man and one woman from each of the 47 counties into the National Assembly. 
  5. Abolish nominations in county assemblies and Senate.  
  6. Elevate Senate to be an upper house with veto powers. 
  7. Increase counties revenue share to 35% from the current 15%. 
  8. Use the ward as the primary unit of development replacing CDF hence taking development to the people hence spurring economic growth. 
  9. Introduce a one 7-year term presidency. 
  10. Stop the wastage of public funds and cap salaries of elected leaders to a maximum consolidated pay of KES 500,000 for the President and KES 300,000 for Member of parliament per month.   All elected leaders will not be paid any other allowances. SRC to determine salaries of other elected leaders. 
  11. Impose a life sentence for culprits convicted of corruption and theft of public funds. No presidential pardon and amnesty will be applicable for these cases. 
  12. Corruption and theft of public resources cases to be tried within 30 days and all appeals to be exhaustively concluded within 15 days.  
  13. Constitutional commissions to comprise of not more than 5 part time members who will be sitting on a necessity basis and shall be paid a sitting allowance per sitting as will be set by the SRC
  14. Every Kenyan at the age of 18 and acquires a national Identity card shall be deemed as a registered voter for purposes of elections and referenda. This will save Kenyans and IEBC billions of shillings spent on voter registration
  15. Amend Chapter 6 of the Constitution to automatically adopt recommendations of public inquiry and audit reports and bar all adversely mentioned individuals from holding any public and or state office. This will end both impunity and corruption.
  16. Abolish the position of Deputy Governor. The Governor to nominate from among the duly vetted and appointed County Executive Officers, one of them to be his/her Principal Assistant for purposes of administration. In the unlikely event of the position of Governor falling vacant, the Governor to be elected in a by-election.

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Reduce Parliament . Punguza Mizigo

I, the undersigned being a registered voter, do hereby support Thirdway Alliance Kenya popular initiative referendum that seeks to reduce members of parliament, cap the overall cost of running parliament & increase devolved funds to 35% from current 15% pursuant to popular initiative provided for in Article 257 of our Constitution of Kenya 2010.

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