• Increasing county allocation to 35% of national revenue;
  • Taking services to peoples doorsteps, that is, devolution beyond county headquarters;
  • Creating Ward Development Fund in all the 1450 wards and allocate specific amounts of money for purely development and service delivery.
  • The Governor must now become the Chief County Accounting officer of all county funds in order to end the elusive concern over who is responsible for the disappearance of county funds;
  • Abolish the Deputy Governor’s positions; and
  • Give County Assemblies financial independence. This will also achieve effective accountability and oversight.
  • Make education and healthcare free
  • Reduce ministries;
  • abolish County & regional commissioners posts;
  • Reduce or merge parastatals; and
  • Reduce constitutional commissions and make commissioners a maximum of 5 to work on part-time basis and to only be paid a sitting allowance.
  • Abolish Senate and reduce over-representation and reduce cost of running parliament from KES 36.5 billion to just KES 5 billion per year;
  • Criminalize violation of the Constitution by all state and public officers
  • Impose a life sentence for those convicted of stealing public money and resources.
  • Bar all persons facing criminal trial, those convicted of a felony from seeking public and State office.
  • Automatically adopt recommendations of all past and present public inquiry and audit reports and bar all those found culpable from holding any public or state office.
  • Corruption and theft of public resources cases to be tried within three months.
  • End gender imbalance, inequality and address the elusive 1/3 gender rule.
  • Gender top-up seats to be allotted to candidates who run for office only, to end favoritism and bias in nomination
  • Requirement to run in b above will encourage both genders to run for political seats as no free nominations will be available.

A. When less than 97 members of either gender is elected in all 290 Constituencies, the formula in B below will apply to compute the number of top-up seats:

B. Y= (X *3/2) -290 


  1. Y – Total seats reserved for gender wining minority seats.
  2. X – Total seats won by gender winning majority seats.
  3. 290 is the total number of constituencies
  4. The top-up seats for gender Y will be computed as shown in C below.
  5. Z- Is the  total number of to- up seats.
  6.  Z= Y – (minus) seats won electively by gender Y and then round off Z to the nearest whole number.


IEBC to rank gender Y candidates’ performance in a general election leaving out outright winning candidates, as follows:

  1.  Votes earned as a percentage of votes cast
  2.  List all gender Y candidates’ performance in descending order of percentages earned.
  3. Allocate the Z seats in descending order till the seats are fully allotted.

D.  Retain nominations for other SIGs, and ensure seats are shared 50:50 to each gender.

  • Every Kenyan at 18 years who acquires a national identity card to automatically become a registered voter.
  • IEBC to ensure all Kenyan Diaspora must vote in a general election.
  • Reduce cost of running elections & registration of voters.
  • Encourage electronic voting for those with capability. So you do not really have to leave comfort of your house or work place to vote. This will also relay votes real-time
  • Severely punish people who commit electoral malpractices and offences such as vote rigging and theft of votes;
  • Punish politicians who organize violence during and after elections; and bar them from ever contesting in any elections again. Lives have been lost because of this kind of conduct which has gone unpunished for decades.
  • Abolish taxation and levies on Petroleum, LPG and Electricity to spur industrial and economic growth, rapidly create employment and tame the ever-rising cost of living.
  • Set aside 10% of national revenues for next 5 years to create a revolving fund to finance farmer-owned agro-processing industries to fully process all cash crops, livestock and other farm produce
  • Counties and local communities where a natural resource is found to get 30% of the revenues;
  • Contracts committing exploitation of our natural resources to be made public;
  • Enforce fully processing of all raw materials and ban the exportation of Kenya’s natural resources in raw form to other countries.

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