The Thirdway Alliance Kenya Promise: Taking Back Our Country From Bad Leadership

We proudly introduce Thirdway Alliance Kenya (TAKE), a new political party pursuing issue-based politics in Kenya. We believe that most Kenyans would readily support a political party that will guarantee, not only their economic and social welfare, but also an accountable, transparent, honest, transformative and responsive leadership.

Since independence, our Kenyan politics has been centred on select individuals, families, and tribes as opposed to the issues affecting Kenyans. Bad leadership directly cause economic stagnation and the ever- growing number of poor Kenyans. Speaking in 1975, JM Kariuki spoke of a country of 10 millionaires and 10 million beggars. His wisdom still lives on. Kenya is today a country of few billionaires and 40 million beggars. Kenya remains one of the most unequal societies in the world with “political families” ranking among the richest in the world. As we may not have a problem with their wealth, we suspect that wealth is ill gotten as none of them has ever ranked as a top Kenyan taxpayer. Neither can their wealth be explained.

The 2017 election was an opportunity for Kenyans to change the ills committed by the dominant leadership on Kenyans.
Solution Number. 1 is total removal of the usual political suspects. Kenya needs freshness. We still have a chance to reject tribal and political mobilization, which is the work of a few greedy individuals whose interest is solely to enrich themselves when billions of Kenyans live in abject poverty, despite the promises at independence that we shall eradicate, disease, poverty and ignorance. We are poorer, diseases ravage Kenyans and ignorance is on the rise in a 21 st century Kenya.


We strongly believe that political campaigns can be a season of making crucial national economic decisions as opposed to a tribal competition orgy

The Thirdway Alliance Kenya Promise: Taking Our Country Back

TAKE believes that societal problems can be traced to individuals and lack of a transformational leadership. We appeal to have you on board this great initiative with intent on saving Kenya from its myriad problems ranging from bad leadership, theft of public money, disregard for constitutionalism & rule of law, disregard for the plight of youth and women, and negative ethnicity in our public affairs. Your participation will be a win-win for Kenya and yourself. The current politics of continuous acrimony will only threaten the welfare and security of all ordinary Kenyans.

While we know that embracing change is difficult, we believe positive change is a necessity. We have written directly to you with confidence that you will personally make a decision to join and support this movement that is committed to TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY. You may support this movement in many ways:

  1. Endorse our Presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot.
  2. Joining Thirdway Alliance Kenya as a member.
  3. Recruiting your friends and family members into the party.
  4. Supporting Thirdway Alliance Kenya messaging on facebook, twitter, youtube and any other social media platform.
  5. Volunteering for and to organize Thirdway Alliance Kenya activities in your community.
  6. Contributing in any way that will help support the party.

To change the commercialization of Leadership and our politics, TAKE has adopted a people driven campaign and a conversational way of politics.